The carpets with welcome message are your cover letter. Does not it happen to you that you go to a house and have a carpet even to enter the bathroom? I know! We all know someone like that.

But putting ourselves a little more serious, the carpets should be in all spaces, is essential in the decoration and makes a lot of difference even if you do not believe it. In the studio, in these last days we have been arranging the prop room and making all our space look better visually.

I do not lie to you, it has been a challenge but we have loved the final result, knowing where everything is, it is a success!

Throughout this remodeling process I came up with the idea of ​​making a carpet with a welcome message for the front door

This idea was ‘a stick’! (an achievement). Having a welcome mat will give a different and cool touch to your door. It will be greeting your guests without even seeing you.

Here below is a tutorial on how you can make your own rug with a welcome message.

Stencil (you can do it yourself, printing the phrase you want on paper cardboard or buying a stencil in the haberdashery)


Cutter or Scissors

Paper adhesive tape

Acrylic paint

Permanent markers

Brush (various sizes)

Measuring tape


Cut out the stencil. I create the phrase that I want to paint and then I printed it, that is, we have to cut it out. We will cut the filling of each phrase with a cutter. Be patient, put a cut mat, board or cardboard underneath to avoid damaging your workspace.

We will locate and mark the stencil in the center. We will locate with a tape measure the center of the carpet so that when we calibrate the stencil it is exactly where we want.

With a tape measure or ruler, we will mark the midpoint and we will give it 2 “inches towards the center so that there is free space (the inches will depend on the size of your stencil and carpet).

We will stick everything with adhesive tape. We do not want to make a mess and move while we are painting. So we’ll tape it all around.

If you want to use needles, pins or hook to hold the smaller parts you can do it.
We’ll paint. I chose the black color for my carpet. With a brush we will touch the stencil so that there are no goats (empty spaces). You can give several hands so that you do not have any space left unpainted.

Let it dry. We will put it in the sun and if you do not have an open space to put it to dry, just let it rest for 24 hours.

Then, we will remove the stencil. We are almost done, carefully we will remove the stencil to see how our carpet is.