Today, calling attention with your Instagram feed is a challenge. That’s why I want to show you how to make one of my favorite feed designs, the one I have written and requested the most since I made the #TKIColorChallenge: the puzzle design

The puzzle feed is achieved by creating a design of several publications that connect with each other. This type of design for Instagram profiles is one of the most difficult to achieve and requires a previous level of programming and design.

For this concept to really work it is recommended that each image or publication have a meaning and be of quality. That is to say, although each publication connects with the other, they must work together and individually.

So be very careful with taking any pictures and cut them into 3, 6 or 9 blocks. This is not the idea! But you must design each publication with a concept and intention that helps you to have a visual coherence of the complete feed and transmit a message. Also, it is advisable to mix it with graphic design, videos and phrases to make it much more striking.

Define a general visual style. The idea is that you create a great collage, that you will then cut into several pieces, but that all your Instagram feed will be seen in continuity. Use similar colors and typography to help you connect visually.

Quality images Be careful if you use photos from the Internet or from other sources for your puzzle feed, if they are of low quality they will be noticed in the individual publications.

Use an app to visualize the puzzle feed BEFORE posting, for this I recommend Planoly, Later or Preview that let you see what the profile will look like visually and step by step you can program your publications to upload them gradually.

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