Finding creative ideas to organize your accessories can be more fun than you think.

But, and to whom has not happened?

You will not let me lie, we all have that drawer, chest, even on top of any shelf, this is where we keep our accessories (cornered, secluded). The disorder made life in this corner of our belongings.

And tell me, does it happen to you that sometimes you try to put on a different look but the accessories that you would like to use are in this big mess, so you prefer to leave them there and wear the same accessories as always ?. All for not keeping your accessories in the right way! #guilty

Another way to see things, is when they give us a gift of an accessory and there we go, to put it on the same favorite side where the rest of our jewelry .. Why is it that we are like that?

Believe me, I too am guilty! But thanks to this I have prepared to keep my accessories in a creative and fun way and here I show you several ideas.

You can keep them and protect them. The accessories are delicate garments and mostly with small pieces that need to have a certain degree of care. Organize your accessories in an orderly manner will be beneficial to have greater durability.

Lose less time Instead of looking for an accessory in a big mess you can find what you need instantly.

Know what you have Do not you happen to have a lot of things that you do not know what they are or where they came from but you were the one who entered them ?. When you organize your accessories you can see what you have and what you need.

It’s all about aesthetics. No matter what your style, your accessories are essential. Having a better view of them will always be a plus.